Give your kids the gift of a more secure tomorrow.

Wills, trusts, and everything else you need to protect your family from the stress and conflict of the unexpected.

Two Thirds of adults leave their families unprotected by not having a revocable living trust. We make the process of protecting your family fast and easy to give you peace of mind.

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At Kardia Wills and Trusts: we provide a simple, clear, and complete solution for you as a parent to create an estate plan that protects your kids, keeps your loved ones out of probate court, and gives you peace of mind that your family will be taken care of.


Will Based Plan

A will based plan allows you to choose guardians for your minor children. Our plans also include financial power of attorney forms, medical health care power of attorney forms, and memorial arrangement agent selection forms.

Trust Based Plan

Our Trust based plans allow you to choose guardians for your minor children, keep money for your children in trust until they are oldest to manage their finances (an age of your choosing) and keep your loved ones out of probate court when finalizing your affairs.


Leia helped my family with a trust for my in-laws. She made the process very simple and helped every step of the way.

Jocelyn A.

 I can't recommend Ms Dingott highly enough!  She made the whole process of creating a trust, Will, Power of Attorney and last wishes so straightforward and simple.  She was always available for questions in a timely manner.  Fast forward to a year later and she helped us with another need with family legal help.  Just use her!

Pam Q.

I had a remarkable experience working with an estate planning attorney, Leia Dingott. Her expertise was invaluable.

Denise W.

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Are a will and a living will the same thing?

No, what we usually refer to as a will is actually a Last Will and Testament. A Last Will and Testament goes into effect after you dies and specifies who you want to get your money and things. Last Will and Testaments are usually what are ready in books and movies when a person dies and everyone gathers to see if they are going to get the fortune.

A living will on the other hand, covers end of life care such as if you want a feeding tube if you are in a coma or do not wanted to be resuscitated if you have a terminal condition and lose consciousness.

What is the difference between a trust and a will?

A trust and a last will and testament are similar in that they both tell the world who (your beneficiaries) you want to get your money and things (assets) when you die. A trust however allows your beneficiaries to skip the court process of having your will validated. Assets described in a trust can be distributed without involving the court system which makes life quicker and easier for your family.

Do I really need a will or a trust?

Yes, you really need a will or a trust. Most people don't think they need an estate plan because they are not the rich woman in the movies who leaves everything to the cats instead of the butler. But in reality, most everyone needs an estate plan so their families can close bank accounts on their behalf, sell houses, and give away sentimental items to those who you wanted to have the items without the hassle of probate court or the conflict of your nieces fighting over jewelry and bedroom furniture.

How do I choose someone to take care of my child if I can't?

You need to nominate guardians in a will to get a say in who raises your kids if you are unable to due to illness or death.

How can someone take my kids to the doctor if I'm on a trip?

The best way to make sure your kids are taken care when you leave them with a caretaker is to have a medical POA naming the caregiver as someone who can make medical decisions for them on your behalf.

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